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Review: Vosges Exotic Chocolate Bars

Vosges Exotic Chocolate Bars
Black Pearl Bar: ****
A 55% cacao dark chocolate bar with ginger, wasabi and black sesame seeds. The bar tastes wonderful with the cacao and the ginger working off each other very well with just a hint of wasabi evident. I wasn't too fond of the black sesame seeds present in the bar, even though they do add to the taste, because the seeds tend to spoil the experience by getting in the way.
Naga Bar: ****
A 40% cacao milk chocolate bar with Indian curry powder and coconut flakes. This one grows on you. The initial taste just bemuses with a very oxymoronic taste. However, it just gets better and better. The dominant taste of the "curry powder" seems to be coriander, which goes strangely well with the chocolate. The coconut flakes blend in almost seamlessly with the taste of the curry powder, giving us a great chocolate bar.
Red Fire Bar: ***1/2
A 55% cacao dark chocolate bar with ancho and chipotle peppers and cinnamon, is a wonderfully subtle bar which leaves you with a lingering taste of sweet heat in your mouth. The taste of the chillies is smoky, almost earthy and is muted givng the bar a well-rounded flavor that lets your taste the cacao as well as the chillies. The cinnamon blends in so well that you can barely discern it.
Gianduja Bar: **1/2
A 30% cacao milk chocolate bar with a praline made of hazelnut and almonds. Very smooth and creamy. The least amount of cacao of any of their exotic chocolate bars.

Overall, I loved the Naga and the Black Pearl bars due to their great blending of unique flavors. The Red Fire bar was also good, but the flavor wasn't that exotic. Finally, the Gianduja bar was decent, but suffered in comparison to its brethren -- slightly too creamy and with an almost bourgeois taste.

Due to the added ingredients, it was hard to get a good idea of the cacao itself, but the few times that its taste came through, the cacao tasted good.

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