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Domori's Chocolate Tasting Guide

I recently came across Domori's tasting guide to chocolate. They classify the differences in chocolate by the 5 Senses (sorta): Sight, Sound, Aroma, Taste and Texture. Some of it is pretty easy to discern. For example, in the Sound category, they mention that the chocolate should make a clear sound when broken (i.e. a "snap"). This is easy enough to observe.

However, in the Aroma category, they talk about secondary aromas like berries, nuts, spices, etc. Most of the time, my nose (or palate) is not sensitive enough to tease out the secondary smells and tastes. I have found that it's easier to classify chocolates in such categories if you have multiple different chocolates to compare and contrast. Anyone find it easy to spot these secondary aromas and tastes in chocolates?

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