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Review: ChocoSoy

ChocoSoy Soy-Milk Chocolates

So, this isn't in my normal line of reviews for this blog, but serendipity rules. My co-worker, who writes the VegBlog, got some of the ChocoSoy Soy-Milk chocolates to review and we decided to both do reviews. Besides, I was intrigued by the concept of milk chocolate for vegans, using soy milk, especially considering how closely people tend to associate milk and chocolate.

The chocolates are packaged in a nice little container that is made from buriti palm, which their site says is environmentally-friendly and sustainable. The knot in the packaging is a little hard to open, but that's what scissors are for. Each package contains 5 pieces, weighs 1.76 oz. and costs about $1.79 per pack. Each piece has about 50 calories in it with only 3 grams of fat.

So, I unwrapped the first piece from its foil and popped it into my mouth. The pieces were just about the right size, small enough to fit in your mouth and big enough to satisfy. The very first taste I got from the chocolate was that of soy. The soy flavor was very evident throughout the whole experience. That, however, was to be expected. What was not expected was that the chocolate flavor was almost non-existent. This, coming from a chocolate-centered universe as I do, was disturbing. While I did realize that the soy-milk would change the flavor of the milk chocolate, I also expected the chocolate to contain a decent amount of cacao. If it does, I couldn't taste it. I would be interested to know what percent of the chocolate was cacao powder. The ingredients only mention "chocolate flavorings", which is vague and implies that there wasn't much cacao being used.

I do think that ChocoSoy has potential but for me to enjoy it as a chocolate product, it does need to increase the amount of chocolate/cocoa (not cocoa butter!!) it uses. And while they were doing that, it would be nice if they used FTC and organic cocoa. :-)

Full Disclosure: I'm not a vegan. However, I do enjoy soy in various things and drink quite a lot of soy milk. To get a vegan's view of ChocoSoy, go read the review at VegBlog.

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