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April 24, 2005

Review: Green & Black's Organic Hot Chocolate

Green & Black's Organic Hot Chocolate:
Overall: ****

Green & Black's organic hot chocolate is really a hybrid between a hot cocoa and a drinking chocolate. Although I prefer hot cocoas to drinking chocolates, this particular hot chocolate is good! There is a lot that sets this mix apart from the rest: the taste of the cocoa, the hybrid nature, the amount of sugar and also, the texture of the mix.

The taste of the cocoa does come through, though I would have preferred a more vibrant cocoa taste. Interestingly enough, it has much less sugar than most hot chocolate mixes. For most people, this will cause them to add a dash of sugar when preparing the hot chocolate, but it does taste fine as is. As for the texture, it looks like granules as opposed to a powder and it melts amazingly well into hot milk. And while I like this quality, it does deny me the pleasure of being able to eat the cocoa-y goodness that usually remains at the bottom of my hot chocolate.

Recipe used: According to instructions: 4 teaspoons of the mix with one cup of milk.

April 19, 2005

Restaurants serving good hot chocolate?

I tend to order hot chocolate in restaurants and cafes, instead of coffee. Most of the hot chocolates I get tend to vary from mediocre to undrinkable. However, a few weeks ago when I went to Great Sage, a vegetarian, natural foods restaurant in Columbia, MD, I was pretty happy to discover that not only were they serving organic hot cocoa, but that it was from Dagoba! Wish more restaurants and cafes would start serving good (and of course organic and FTC) cocoas.

Anyone know of any other places serving organic or FTC hot chocolates?

April 08, 2005

Drinking Chocolates

So, Heidi over on 101 Cookbooks posted a list of drinking chocolate suggestions solicited from her readers. The list is pretty nice, but doesn't differentiate between drinking chocolates and hot cocoas, which is kind of sad since people continue to remain confused about the difference :-)

Heidi lists them in alphabetical order since she hasn't tasted them all, so I don't get to see how she ranks them.