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Review: Green & Black's Organic Hot Chocolate

Green & Black's Organic Hot Chocolate:
Overall: ****

Green & Black's organic hot chocolate is really a hybrid between a hot cocoa and a drinking chocolate. Although I prefer hot cocoas to drinking chocolates, this particular hot chocolate is good! There is a lot that sets this mix apart from the rest: the taste of the cocoa, the hybrid nature, the amount of sugar and also, the texture of the mix.

The taste of the cocoa does come through, though I would have preferred a more vibrant cocoa taste. Interestingly enough, it has much less sugar than most hot chocolate mixes. For most people, this will cause them to add a dash of sugar when preparing the hot chocolate, but it does taste fine as is. As for the texture, it looks like granules as opposed to a powder and it melts amazingly well into hot milk. And while I like this quality, it does deny me the pleasure of being able to eat the cocoa-y goodness that usually remains at the bottom of my hot chocolate.

Recipe used: According to instructions: 4 teaspoons of the mix with one cup of milk.


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