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My hot chocolate collection

While in a picture-taking mood recently, I decided to take pictures of all the hot chocolate mixes I had. I could have just lined them up in a row, but that would have offended my sensibilities. So, here's 2 different arrrangements.

Shown here, spiraling in clockwise from the top left, Dagoba hot chocolate, Vosges Aztec Elixir, Max Brenner Dark Chocolate (orange peel oil), Nestle Abuelita, Jacques Torres Wicked Hot Chocolate, Dagoba Unsweetened Hot Chocolate, Dagoba Xocolatl, Green & Black's Organic Hot Chocolate, Ibarra Mexican Chocolate, Domori Hot Chocolate, Domori Very Hot Chocolate and Moonstruck Mexican Hot Cocoa.
This was actually my first attempt at taking a picture of all the mixes. Nice concept, bad execution.

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