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Cocoa's health-food benefits

So, the Washington Post has a story titled "Junk-Food Science" debunking the purported benefits of chocolate that chocolate vendors are espousing these days.

There's also a Q&A session with Lalita Kaul which for the most part is shrug-worthy, but has some interesting Q&As like:

Tucson, Ariz.: I absolutely hate chocolate, weird, I know, but I get absolutely sick to my stomach when I smell milk or dark chocolate. I do, however, like white chocolate. Does white chocolate have the same health benefits?

Lalita Kaul: Milk chocolate may not give you as much flavnoid as dark chocolate but it will give you protein and calcium.
Talk about a non-sequitur. Firstly, I wish people would realize that "white chocolate" is NOT chocolate. Even our milk chocolates hardly deserve that name. Secondly, I don't think Ms. Kaul answered the question: white chocolate, not having any cacao powder in there, probably doesn't have any of the purported benefits of flavanols. Finally, I wonder whether the amount of protein and calcium in milk chocolate is worth mentioning when talking about the health benefits.


I make sking care products and I am getting ready to make a "Chocolate Spa" for Valentines day. I am going to make products with cocoa butter and other natural products. I am going to include choclates to eat also. I am looking for information on the health benefits of chocolate for the inside and and the skin(I know some for the skin) so I can try and get my local news paper to run an article about chocolate when I run my add for the cocoa spa. Does anybody know places where I can find good info on cocoa.

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