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January 23, 2006

Fairfax Chocolate Lovers Festival 2006

So, the City of Fairfax is holding its annual Chocolate Lovers Festival on February 4-5, 2006 in Old Town Fairfax. Last year's festival, the first I attended, was fun. It was pretty packed but we had luckily gotten there early enough that it wasn't a problem. I would definitely recommend going there if its a nice day. The problem with going there in bad weather is that you might end up waiting in line to get into the Taste of Chocolate portion of the festival outside the Old Town Hall in freezing weather.

January 18, 2006

Godiva's New Chocolate Drink: Chocolixir

So Godiva, following in the footsteps of its less esteemed cousin Starbucks, has come out with a new chocolate drink called Chocolixir. Details are sparse, but the drink can be ordered both hot and cold. The "Cold Chocolixir" comes in a 12 oz. size and 3 flavors:

  • Dark Chocolate Decadence – Godiva 72% Extra Dark Chocolate pieces blended with rich dark chocolate flavors.
  • Milk Chocolate Latte – Godiva Milk Chocolate pieces blended with coffee and caramel flavors.
  • White Chocolate Raspberry – Godiva White Chocolate pieces blended with light vanilla flavors and topped with rich red raspberry.

The "Hot Chocolixir" comes in a 8 oz size with only 1 flavor:

  • Dark Chocolate - Godiva 72% demitasse pieces blended for a hot drinking chocolate

The cold version costs $4.50 while the hot one is $3.50. I'm not quite sure why there's a difference in size between the hot and cold version. Do people drink more when the drink is cold?

The important news here is that some Godiva stores will have free samples of the drink on Jan 19th and 20th. You can find out whether there's one near you by going here.

January 05, 2006

Memphis Chocolate Fantasy

One of the blog's readers (Thanks RheAnn) pointed me to the Memphis Chocolate Fantasy being held on Jan 28th as a benefit for the National Kidney Foundation of West Tennessee. It's got some cool presenters, including Frederick Schilling of Dagoba Chocolates. He's going to be giving a talk on "The Trend towards Sustainability". All in all, it's quite an interesting bunch of people that the NKF folks have managed to get together.

Now, if I only Memphis was closer...
(If you do attend though, leave a comment about your experience there.)

January 02, 2006

Chocolate laziness

Foxtrot had an apt comic strip the other day. What made is especially funny was that just as I began reading the paper, I yearned for a good mug of hot chocolate, but decided that I was feeling too lazy to get up and make one (especially since I do it the old-fashioned way: on the stove). Usually it's when I'm nicely ensconced in bed or on the couch with a good book to read that I feel the need for a good cup of cocoa. Of course, by that time it's too late to get up and make one.