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Memphis Chocolate Fantasy

One of the blog's readers (Thanks RheAnn) pointed me to the Memphis Chocolate Fantasy being held on Jan 28th as a benefit for the National Kidney Foundation of West Tennessee. It's got some cool presenters, including Frederick Schilling of Dagoba Chocolates. He's going to be giving a talk on "The Trend towards Sustainability". All in all, it's quite an interesting bunch of people that the NKF folks have managed to get together.

Now, if I only Memphis was closer...
(If you do attend though, leave a comment about your experience there.)


Too bad we can't charter a bus/plane/train or something to get to that Memphis Chocolate Academy...Have you tried combining yr chocolate powders to make yr hot chocolate-it makes a HUGE difference as does making it the night before (6hrs ahead as ChloƩ Doutre-Roussel reccommends) You get a much more intense flavor!

I've mixed my hot chocolate mixes a couple of times just to see what they would taste like, and some of them have turned out well. But, you have to be careful which ones you mix.

As for making it hours before, I've never done that. I should look into it. I assume you make it, then freeze it and then just reheat?

No freezing involved at all. I combine pure cocoa, 1 teaspoon of cane sugar for smoothness, 1 sq of Lindt 70% + Godiva or Joseph Schmidt or whatever..I keep collecting them.Then pour in 200ml of hot milk heated in the microwave 2 minutes et voila! And leave it sit overnite if you can..I've had a couple of accidents...& reheat in the morning.I was hoping you'd attend the Memphis thing :(

Duh...I have no idea why I used the word "freeze" :-) I meant "refrigerate".
I think I'll try making a batch of hot cocoa tonite and then drinking it tomorrow. Wonder how long it would last.

As for the Memphis Chocolate Fantasy, wish I could have attended :-( Looked like it would have been great fun.

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