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May 19, 2006

Review: Lake Champlain New World Drinking Chocolate

Lake Champlain New World Drinking Chocolate:
Overall: ***

Lake Champlain's New World drinking chocolate is very much a drinking chocolate. You would never mistake it for a hot cocoa drink or a hybrid. Given my predeliction for cocoas versus drinking chocolates, I figure all you hot chocolate lovers might want to consider my bias, even though I'm trying my best to be impartial.

The mix is a 70% cocoa concoction which is essentially liquid dark chocolate. The taste of dark chocolate comes through in spades and together with the cocoa butter results in a rich and full drinking chocolate. If I was in the mood for carping, I would wish that they used better cocoa beans. Somehow the taste that comes through leaves a little bit to be desired. However, just about most hot chocolate lovers would be happy with the drink.

Being a drinking chocolate, it melts very well in the heated milk and leaves virtually no dregs, much to my dismay. The sugar content in the mix is just right allowing the cocoa/chocolate taste to shine without letting the sweetness put a whammy on your tastebuds.

My main problem with drinking chocolates is that I like drinking a cocoa drink several times a week. If I partook of a mug of drinking chocolate every couple of days, I think I would end up gaining a couple of pounds a week. Most drinking chocolates, and the Lake Champlain New World mix is no exception, contain a lot of fat calories -- especially saturated fat calories. Out of 290 calories in the New World mix, 200 are fat calories, most of which are saturated fat. All hail the wonders of cocoa butter. Yeah, I know: no one wants to hear about the amount of fat in what is essentially a luxury item, mais c'est la vie. Or should I be saying "Caveat Emptor"? I enjoy an occasional hot chocolate, but only very occasionally. My everyday drink will probably always remain a hot cocoa.

Recipe used: 6 flat tablespoons of the mix with 7 oz of 1% milk. According to instructions, it should be: 7 heaping tablespoons of the mix with 6 oz of milk.