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Choc-o-lait: it really is hot-chocolate on-a-stick

So, the trip to Amsterdam was interesting and fun, and especially so from a hot chocolate perspective. The bad news was that almost everywhere we went, "hot chocolate" turned out to be Chocomel. This is a chocolate-flavored milk sold mainly in th Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. However, it is much better than the chocolate milk you get in the US. It tastes pretty decent when you think of it as chocolate milk. However, when you ask for Hot Chocolate and you get Chocomel, it's somewhat of a disappointment. :-) However, we did manage to stop by this Tea and Coffee store on Herengracht where I asked for hot chocolate and they said it was chocomel, but offered us hot-chocolate-on-a-stick (which they sell but not as a prepared drink). So I bought some hot milk and used the Cho-o-lait in it to produce some tasty hot chocolate. Believe me, after all the Chocomels I had been drinking, this was manna from heaven!

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