February 09, 2007

Santa Fe: Virtually Speaking

Considering that I've abandoned blogging, I figured I should take on guest speakers (well, bloggers really). So, this post is brought to you by the letter R and the number 7:

Players: Rekha et al.

Santa Fe: Short and sweet.

OK - my "Best of Santa Fe" recommendations for if you're ever here:

  • El Farol: (my top pick, great tapas, music, ambience)
  • Pasquale's (breakfast)
  • Tomasitas (the green chile stew is a must)
  • La Boca (excellent tapas)
  • Maria's (ambience, 100% agave margaritas are potent)
  • El Dorado hotel lobby (music daily at 6:30 - saw a 17-piece jazz ensemble and a cuban group, both were terrific)
  • Vanessie's (upscale, nice food, ambience)
  • And of course...Kakawa.

Georgia O keefe museum was an exercise in been-there-done-that - there's much better art to be viewed all along Canyon street.